I help financial leaders—RIA and broker dealer advisory firms—build their talent wealth. I share fresh and proven strategies and practical advice, delivered with smarts, warmth and more than a little insight.

My talks and workshops are based on the most frequent challenges financial leaders face with their people. How to continue to grow, prosper and—eventually—exit. Gracefully.

 quote-blueCrafting effective compensation plans in an advisory firm requires specialized industry knowledge. Kelli was our first thought to cover the topic at our conference, and the solid speaker evaluation results affirmed our decision!”

– Michael E. Kitces: Publisher, The Kitces Report and Partner & Director of Research, Pinnacle Advisory Group

Keynotes and Workshops

Here are my three most popular topics to spur your thinking—but let’s talk and develop EXACTLY the right message and content to engage, teach and inspire your audience.

Talent and The Client Experience

What does it take to consistently deliver a compelling client experience? This session focuses on the links between your firm’s talent—how they’re hired, nurtured and rewarded—and profitably delighting your clients.

You’ll discover new approaches to align your employees’ experiences with your business vision and an exceptional client experience. You’ll find out how to simplify the complexity of leading teams and make immediate improvements to your bottom line (and your happiness quotient).

Recruiting Right The First Time

Do you feel like you’re always recruiting, but those perfect-fit hires seem eternally elusive? This keynote walks you through how to not only avoid expensive hiring mistakes, but how to build a recruiting mindset into your daily life.

You’ll learn how to approach recruiting strategically and master simple—yet profoundly effective—techniques to speed up the recruiting cycle while ramping up your new hires’ prospects for success.

Your Compensation Roadmap

What can you do to stand out from the dozens of firms competing for the same highly talented people? In this session, we’ll debunk the myth that the winners are the ones who always pay most.

You’ll discover how to create pay and reward plans that match the motivations and talents of your people. You’ll expand your own thinking about how to align pay with your business vision and operations. Because when you capitalize on your strengths and flexibility, no one can beat you.

Upcoming Presentations:

January 31, 2018 – Orlando, FL: TD Ameritrade Institutional LINC – Growing Non-Advisor Careers in Your Firm

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