Meet Us

Our core belief is this: the right people—developed, nurtured and rewarded in ways that fit their unique talents and your business—will deliver a consistently compelling experience to your clients.

And that’s what building a truly remarkable (not to mention highly profitable) firm is all about. And we should know—we’ve been at this for nearly twenty years each and have had a hand in literally hundreds of success stories.

Stories that have talent at their core. Like fast-tracking your business strategy. Paying the right incentives to grow strategically. Creating base-line systems so you can hire, assess and develop your talent with confidence.

We speak talent—let us help you build yours.


Kelli CruzMeet Kelli Cruz: Financial Talent Expert. Entrepreneur. Sports Fanatic.

I was a track star in middle school and I guess I just never slowed down (ask me about my last race).

At Wells Fargo, I led a human resources team of 30, serving over 5,000 national team members. Later, I developed strategic initiatives and investment products (and became one of the very few who worked in both the institutional and private investment groups). I straddled developing investment products with creating sales incentive plans for those who sold them.

I moved to Charles Schwab to pioneer the industry’s first human capital practice consulting program for RIA advisory firms (which has since become the industry gold standard). Think organization strategy and design, recruiting, pay and rewards, talent management and succession planning. Once I discovered consulting was in my DNA, I never looked back.

I earned my research stripes at InvestmentNews, where I directed consulting services and developed and ran the Moss Adams benchmark studies on financial performance and compensation/staffing for advisory firms.

It was also the birth of my outside speaking career, which at last count numbered over 100 keynotes and workshops. I continue to write for the industry and am a regular columnist for Financial Planning.

And then in 2013, I embraced the entrepreneurial life and started Cruz Consulting Group. My singular focus (which I’m proud to say has come to life): creating a collaborative team that guides financial firms to build their most powerful asset—their talent wealth.

Call me a fast-moving touchstone of fresh talent strategies and practical business ideas, wrapped in genuine warmth and insight.

When I’m not working, you’ll find me running trails on Mount Tamalpais, watching the SF Giants win at AT&T Park, cooking up a storm or outdoor adventuring with my husband.




Jennifer SpecterMeet Jennifer Specter: Financial Talent Analyst. Relationship Manager. Travel Junkie.

I’ve always been at the front of the pack—maybe because I’m the oldest of five and was raised on a farm where everybody worked hard.

I spent the biggest chunk of my career at Charles Schwab working directly with advisors—including sales—and ultimately managed three of their six practice management programs. That’s where I developed and refined the skills I use every day now: understanding client needs, research—quantitative and qualitative—and competitive market analysis.

I honed my research skills even further at InvestmentNews where I managed the Moss Adams benchmark studies on financial performance, compensation and staffing for advisory firms. Like at Schwab, that meant white papers, educational events and—of course—consulting projects.

In 2013, I took the leap with Kelli to form Cruz Consulting Group. We share a similar philosophy: that talent is a major, often untapped asset. And we know exactly the people we are most excited to serve.

My big joy on the job (besides the freedom to do my best work) continues to be developing insights that show clients a new way forward.

When I’m not doing that, I’m hiking with my dogs Bodie and Sam, working on my golf game, enjoying motorcycle rides or traveling the globe with my husband.

quote-blueCruz Consulting Group’s structure and follow-through is outstanding. They drill down to a real plan and give you excellent tools so that you can run with it. Trust me; they will make your business better.”

 – Wallace Williams, Chief Financial Officer, Trust Company of the South