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Sidebar-IndustryLet’s face it. Your in-house experts battle some tough competition for your clients’ attention.

You want not only fresh insights, you want to get connected to the right audience—fast.

We get it.

We’ve been a leading source of market intelligence and client connections for custodians, broker-dealers, service providers and professional organizations for almost two decades (click here for a sample of our clients).

Together, we’ll strategize on the topics—custom or otherwise—and the formats that will best engage your client base. Think educational content and forums designed to inform and connect your clients—whitepapers, live events and webcasts, interactive workshops and keynotes. For more on Kelli’s keynotes, click here.

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Research validates what we hear again and again — advisory firms want to grow, but a number of operational and human capital challenges stand in their way. Request a complimentary copy of our whitepaper to learn how advisory firms can build the skilled, dependable and loyal staff they need to achieve their growth goals. Contact us here.

quote-blueCruz Consulting Group is a refreshing addition to the advisor industry as there is really no other consulting firm providing the advice and guidance on human capital that founding principals need to build a sustainable and growing business. Led by true industry experts with the experience needed, CCG provides that rare, hands-on approach advisory firms can rely on to solve their people challenges and realize the full potential of their talent. I highly recommend CCG!”

– Timothy D. Welsh, CFP – President and CEO, Nexus Strategy, LLC