Hiring Top Talent

Hiring Top Talent

Just as advisers are always on the lookout for their next great client, they should also be keeping an eye out for the best and brightest people to join their team. But how can you know which hires are best for you — and your clients? You can start by thinking about your current team… Read More

Why Hiring an Intern Should Be Part of Your Recruiting Strategy thumbnail

In an increasingly competitive job market, firms that link internship programs into their recruitment strategy are well-positioned to compete for the best talent graduating from universities and colleges. The main barrier or excuse I hear from advisors on hiring an intern is, “I don’t have time to train an inexperienced person.” I encourage advisors to… Read More

Hiring & Retaining Top Talent for Growth Whitepaper thumbnail

We are excited to announce that our new whitepaper, Hiring & Retaining Top Talent for Growth, is now available! This whitepaper covers key human capital areas including: designing your org structure; recruiting and hiring; managing and developing your team; and how to compensate your team. Read the Introduction excerpt below and please contact us to… Read More

How to Keep Top Talent from Leaving thumbnail

Employees are probably the largest cost to your firm, but they are also the foundation upon which the firm’s entire value proposition is built. To maximize employees’ contribution and effectiveness, your firm needs to have a range of programs aimed at investing in them — and making sure your investment pays off. Start by understanding… Read More

Hiring Mistakes to Avoid thumbnail

At its heart, an advisory firm is a people business: The value delivered is driven almost entirely by its members. Just as advisors would look for the most appropriate assets to deliver on a client’s investment objective, firm owners need to understand that the way you staff and motivate your practice will drive your firm’s… Read More

Hiring the Superstar that Pivots Your Firm Toward Success thumbnail

From the Desk of Jen Goldman, CFP®, President of My Virtual COO: In basketball, the pivot player’s key role is getting the ball and shooting it, or passing it to a player who is in position to score. When it comes to the work environment, hiring the right pivot person can help your company grow quickly… Read More

Overworked & Clients Suffering? Hire a Manager thumbnail

You know your practice has reached a crucial turning point when you have to choose between serving your clients and growing your business — because you no longer have enough time and resources to do both. Many of the advisors we work with at my consulting firm come to us out of frustration that they… Read More

Make Hiring a Priority or Get Left Behind thumbnail

The success of your business is largely in the hands of the people who work for you, and the relationship you and your team have with your clients is in essence your business’ secret sauce. It follows then that one of the most important decisions you can make — a decision that has lasting impact… Read More

The Importance of Job Descriptions thumbnail

While many firms use job descriptions only when they have an open position they need to fill, we believe the job description is the most important tool in not only attracting new talent but also retaining and managing your current talent. Investing the time into creating accurate and complete job descriptions for your organization will… Read More

Hiring Tips for Success thumbnail

As an advisory firm the relationships you have with your clients is what I like to call “the secret sauce” of what makes your business successful.  The people that work in your firm largely drive the value that is delivered to your clients.  So the most important decision you make in the running of your… Read More