Managing Performance

Annual Performance Review

The traditional annual performance review is losing favor with some advisory firms, but without a systematic approach to reviewing advisers, operational and support staff performances how can you objectively determine pay raises, bonuses and promotions?  Therein lies the dilemma many advisory firms face as they head into the employee annual review process.  I hear from… Read More

Hiring & Retaining Top Talent for Growth Whitepaper thumbnail

We are excited to announce that our new whitepaper, Hiring & Retaining Top Talent for Growth, is now available! This whitepaper covers key human capital areas including: designing your org structure; recruiting and hiring; managing and developing your team; and how to compensate your team. Read the Introduction excerpt below and please contact us to… Read More

Keeping Employees on Track thumbnail

One of the keys to a successful firm is creating a process for setting goals and managing performance. A performance management process is best when it links execution to compensation. That, in turn, encourages employee engagement. Whether used for individuals or teams, the process should include setting, measuring and rewarding achievable expectations. Over time, it… Read More

How to Keep Top Talent from Leaving thumbnail

Employees are probably the largest cost to your firm, but they are also the foundation upon which the firm’s entire value proposition is built. To maximize employees’ contribution and effectiveness, your firm needs to have a range of programs aimed at investing in them — and making sure your investment pays off. Start by understanding… Read More

The Importance of Job Descriptions thumbnail

While many firms use job descriptions only when they have an open position they need to fill, we believe the job description is the most important tool in not only attracting new talent but also retaining and managing your current talent. Investing the time into creating accurate and complete job descriptions for your organization will… Read More

The Dreaded Annual Ritual thumbnail

For most managers, the end-of-the-year employee compensation and performance review is one of the most dreaded events of the year. The average manager doesn’t have a disciplined approach for handling these critical discussions and decisions. The end of the year is the perfect time to revisit your firm’s human capital strategy and make sure that… Read More