Speakers: Kelli Cruz (Cruz Consulting Group) & Jason Carroll (Live Oak Bank)   More advisory firms are exploring and executing mergers and acquisitions than ever before. Many firms are using M&A as a strategic means to accelerate the growth of their firms — and also to identify longer-term succession plans that can increase the… Read More

RIA Match Webinar – Internal Successors: How to Identify and Keep Them thumbnail

RIA Match Webinar

Finding the right successors is where the rubber meets the road and a challenge for many RIA principals. Kelli Cruz, founder of Cruz Consulting Group, shares her process on how to find and keep internal successors. She also covers a career-track framework for grooming your firm’s next principals. In this webinar you will learn: •… Read More

Succession Planning

Succession Planning

Succession Planning Is about Taking Care of Your Firm’s Future Research data has highlighted a lack in succession planning as a potential trouble spot for aging advisory businesses for several years. Firms can successfully execute an ownership transition plan that has a strategic approach to institu­tionalizing business, and create a sustainable and transferable value as… Read More

Flexible Work Options

Flexible Work Options

There’s a worrisome shortage of talent in our profession. Take a look around: More advisers are retiring, there’s a lack of new planners, yet there’s growth in demand for financial advice. The consulting firm Moss Adams has estimated that the industry could face a shortfall of more than 200,000 advisers by 2022. Now, more than… Read More

Career Paths

If advisory firms can tackle career development problems before they start, they’ll also solve their succession challenges by developing the next generation of leaders. The industry is evolving, and advisers need to move away from the kind of ad-hoc career development that has defined the business in the past. This has meant that employees’ jobs… Read More

Career Path: A Path to Success thumbnail

Career Path

When working with firm owners I typically hear, “we don’t have people with the right skills for the demands of this business.”  Conversely when I interview employees of advisory firms I hear, “this firm doesn’t take advantage of half of my skills that I have to offer.”  It is often evident that there is a… Read More

Money Talks

Money Talks

That time of year is almost here – performance reviews and compensation discussions.  I know that most managers (and employees) dread these hour long rites of passage.  You may be asking; do I have up-to-date data to benchmark my compensation levels?  Does my budget accommodate increased salary ranges for employees I want to promote? Are… Read More

Annual Performance Review

The traditional annual performance review is losing favor with some advisory firms, but without a systematic approach to reviewing advisers, operational and support staff performances how can you objectively determine pay raises, bonuses and promotions?  Therein lies the dilemma many advisory firms face as they head into the employee annual review process.  I hear from… Read More

The Young & Talented: Steps to Attract Gen Y Advisors thumbnail

Some call them millennials, others call them Gen Y. Some even call them echo boomers, because their parents are part of the baby boom generation. Whatever you choose to call them, this group, made up of people born roughly between 1977 and 1992, makes up the largest proportion of the U.S. labor force. This means… Read More

Advisory Team

What if running an advisory firm felt more like managing a strong college squad, known for its teamwork, rather than a team that merely celebrated its all-stars? What if your entire crew took joy in rallying together, applauded each member’s successes and celebrated winning new clients? Strong teams, not stars, deliver the best service, and… Read More