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Sidebar-AdvisoryYour talent costs occupy the number 1 spot in your top line expenses. They are hardly insignificant.

But what if we showed you how to leverage those costs to create a one-of-a-kind, priceless asset? The kind that builds real wealth and creates a remarkable firm.

Because your firm won’t reach its pinnacle until EVERY member of your financial advisory team is working at their full potential AND the entire firm is aligned to deliver your ideal client experience.

So whether we’re talking firm principals, new advisors, the administrative staff or all of the above, our work together will be about creating alignment. We connect the dots between your vision, your talent and how your firm actually works.

quote-blueThe money we invested for Kelli’s strategic planning consultation was well spent and the return was almost immediate. They truly have transformed our organization and positioned us for continued growth.”

– E. Jeffrey Roof, President, Roof Advisory Group

What might that look like exactly? Here are a few examples of the results we can achieve together:

  • Fast-track your business strategy: we map your desired client experience and develop (and compensate) talent to match it.
  • Tie incentives to business performance: we develop (or redesign) your pay program.
  • Improve firm effectiveness: we evaluate your current organizational structure and recommend changes.
  • Ensure an orderly transition after both planned and unpredictable events: we design and implement a succession plan.
  • Make sure your pay is not only competitive, but suits your business plan: we benchmark selected jobs and design your salary structures to fit where you’re going.
  • Know exactly what to do at every talent touch point: we develop specific strategies—recruiting and hiring for example—that include a step-by-step process so you don’t have to guess.
  • Keep growing your firm capabilities: we assess your current talent and design development plans for various roles and career tracks.
  • Free you to focus on what you do best: we serve as your on-call advisor on talent issues as they arise.

How can you work with us?

We consult to advisory firms in a variety of ways:

  • Consulting Engagement: Fixed fee for specific project deliverables (pricing varies based on project)
  • Retainer:  Fixed fee for a set number of consulting hours per month
  • 2-Hour Virtual Consulting: Fixed fee

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quote-blueCruz Consulting Group’s structure and follow-through is outstanding. They drill down to a real plan and give you excellent tools so that you can run with it. Trust me; they will make your business better.”

 – Wallace Williams, Chief Financial Officer, Trust Company of the South

quote-blueCruz Consulting Group created a human capital roadmap that engages the Strategic team and positions us to achieve our growth goals. CCG’s approach and tools are intuitive and effective. Most importantly, their communication strategy and project management ensured an effective implementation of their game-changing program.”

– Alan R. Leist, III, Principal and Senior Advisor, Strategic Financial Services

quote-blueCruz Consulting Group’s creativity and expertise provided our firm with an incentive plan that not only incents specific behaviors and outcomes, but motivates our top performers.  We now have a powerful communication tool that aligns individual and firm results, and the plan is helping us recruit new talent into our firm as well.” 

– Eric Sontag, CFA,  Chief Operating Officer and Managing Director, Sontag Advisory

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